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About Rijah

I am deeply interested in working with the bones & enjoy the challenge of restoring muscular integrity, while inviting deep relaxation & an overall sense of well being. My fascination with the body is what drives me to seek alternative ways of exploring the mind body connection & how we move through the world.

Rijah began her advanced bodywork training in 2005 with Zero Balancing, a leading-edge bodywork technique that incorporates the anatomical structure of the body and the energy meridians contained within the bones.

In 2010, Rijah graduated from the Holistic Massage Program at Spa Tech Institute in Westbrook, Maine. She has worked in the most prominent salons, health clubs, resorts & private practices in western & southern Maine for the last 9 years.

Focusing on head, neck & shoulders has been a fascination that has fueled much of her extra training post-graduation. Working simultaneously in the bones & the fascia, clients can expect lasting transformation in posture, range of motion & muscle stability.

Rijah specializes in a technique that uses the clients' muscles in resistance to reset their original position. This unique therapy is often used by osteopaths & physical therapists to provide the most effective restoration of muscular function.

This highly-skilled, intuitive body worker often blends Zero Balancing seamlessly into a session resulting in significant improvement in the structural alignment of the body & a profound sense of well being & relaxation.

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